The way to relieve stress

Everyone have their stress, mostly are come from work, me too ~ 
Some times, you will feel you that I had enough! I'm going to quit! And nobody can stop me.
And then you very angry, go and ask from friends or internet searching for new job. 
Some people will forget it in a short time and get back to their work.
But some people can't. 
But this is also have to look on the matter of the serious level too.

I'm a person don't like to working with my friends and family.
I don't like when after my working hours, my colleagues or Boss still calling me, every things regarding on work, please !! -- 明天请早!

I'm a person who like to follow my own way, especially my feeling.
I can be acceptance in many things, I not easy to get angry, but when I'm get angry, hate, figure out, no one can change my mind, I would like to go with my feeling. 

Once day, it had been pass a month ago, I get some troubles on my work, my Boss call me after working hours, and get arguing with me just a little bit thing. And that is not my fault!
Since that day, I working with a bad mood everyday especially I saw him, and he too.
What ever I do any things he also think fault.
Every night I can't sleep well cause of tomorrow work. I hate to go back my work!

My heart was very struggle, my heart ask me to quit this job and my brain call me cold down. Almost crazy!!
I had been struggle for two week, Yes!! two week.
My Darling keep bring me out and make me happy.
Finally I tell my Darling I want to quit!
My Darling say : Yes! But you must think clearly.

I told my God, within this 2 week! I never heard a sound from you! I wait, wait you give a way to me, but you never. So now just go ahead and follow on own feel.

The Monday, I go back my work with my fever body, I want to take a half day leave cause I feel exhausting, but no, because have a fxxking busy day.
Work non stop!!
Finally time up, I keep my everything and go to clinic myself, luckily I'm the first one in the waiting room.
Only a patient in patient room, the next is me!
Damn it! I have been wait 40 minutes and I going to complain and finally my turn.
Doctor say take a Blood test, OMG! I'm fear about the needle, and no one beside me.
No choice, have to go ahead, and damn it again, fail exsanguinate 3 - 4 times, he told me my blood vessels are too small, finally success.
Waiting for the report, take 20 minutes.
I had waste an hour here. Doctor tell me at least a week you will only be recovery.
Is fine, and paid bill, is damn expensive.

I sick. I sick for a week.
In this week, I lying on my bed and stay at home with nothing to do.
And I can sleep very well in the night and also morning. Almost full day I sleep, one week.

Is wonderful, I'm started to put down the stress and thinking on positive. 
I never feel bad mood any more, instead I wish my sick will get well soon, and I want to go back my work!
And I feel myself stupid, what is the point I make myself so pity.

It really fast pass a week, I go back my work, and I saw my Boss in the morning, his face change, smile to me, greeting to me, and asking about my illness.
And we get back to work since last time, working with a comfortable again.
After all, I'm the one who work with him almost all the time.

Finally, I thank you my God!
You're not leave me alone, as you know me, you know my mettle, have to put me alone 
put me down, and this is the way that I only will listen to you or go the way you give me.
So far, I'm still great on my work.
Of course it still have some stress, if not that is HOME, not WORK.

I would like to relieve my stress with my lover coffee + my muffin cake, my relieve is very 
expensive >."
So when you see me at a coffee shop, means I'm relieve my stress, keep away from me, haha.
My Darling, he is always the best and who always stay with me, Thank you!

This is last week ago,
means that stress = normal
I'm fine in this week.

Remember find a best way to relieve your stress, do not put in your heart.



Dad and Mum 26th years Married Anniversary

Congratulations to my Daddy and Mummy ~ ~

Dad had book a Dinner at SUNWAY PUTRA HOTEL - COFFEE HOUSE to celebrate his Happy moment with us.
That's a Buffet style, but I could say that is so little so choices ~~ but we are the table who seat there so long time, cause we share a lot of things, chit chatting, get a lot of laugh there.
Is still very enjoy by ourself ~ haha
God Bless you both ~

yum yum !!

non stop eating ~~

Before leaving, we saw a big Christmas Tree ~
That's a good idea to take down some picture to Commemorate this happy moment ~



女人 ~ 要好好保护&保养你的脸蛋


:" 女人啊, 只要肯把自己吃饭的钱拿去保养你的脸,自然有人来请你吃饭!"


可惜地说,促销永远不等人 ~ 没了促销价钱更加地昂贵了。
还等什么?等不及了啦!哈哈... 还是等到了周末,就去买啦 ~


妈妈也说我38,女人嘛 ~ 便宜了少少,就觉得是赚到了啦! 哈哈

开始认真的保养咯,过去喜欢就搽,不喜欢也可以10日8载不理那块脸。近来年纪大了,哈哈 ~ 才发现原来自己老了不少!现在才努力,虽然迟了点,但总比你先弃权来的好,女人 千万不要放弃属于自己独一无二的脸!

给大家看看已经老化的脸 ~ 哈哈


Estee Lauder

由于这个组合少了一枝 LOTION , 就另外买了这瓶!

价钱一共共是 RM 4XX 



My Super Darling 3 years old Birthday

~ ~ Kings 3 Years Old Birthday ~ ~

My Super Darling Birthday ^^
TQ Daddy help Kings Grooming, make Kings handsome.
Look on my Love one ~~

Awww ~~~ so Handsome Boy!!

Kings: Mummy!! I think my side look more handsome.

I feel very sorry to my Kings, cause I had promise him, his Birthday me and Daddy will drop down all our jobs to stay and celebrate to you a whole day.
But I was sick and MC a week before your Birthday, I must go back to my work >.<
But Daddy still go through his promise ~ ~ I don't know that is good or not, leaving you down with your crazy Daddy ~ ~ he should be Bully you.

What a busy day, it was the first day I go back to work after MC a week, Fxxking shit many jobs!!
Finally times up, I keep all the things and ready to go back on time.
Want to celebrate with you!! - My Lovely Doggy!! Love you so much!!!!

Me & Kings

Daddy & Kings

Kings, you are always the best

Kings look Happy, But Daddy ???

Kings really Happy!!
why Daddy keep do this face ??

I see!!
Kings was scolded by Daddy !! haha

Kings: never mind ~~ I still make noise ~ hehe 

Kings: Mummy, I don't want sit with Daddy!!

I ltr Watermelon Juice !!
Fresh !!

Ice Mocha ~ very nice
make Daddy can't sleep at night !!

yum yum!!

Special order for my Kings ~

May I ??

After Dinner Mummy say bring me go Desa Parkcity ~~

still a lot of Doggy ~~

And then we go back home ~~

Kings very like this coconut ~~ haha

Kings: but its ugly on my head ~~

Kings: is ugly !!

Kings: can you stop?!

Mummy annd Daddy gift me ~~ haha
Yummy !! I like 

Kings: Hmm!! I'm not going to share with you! 

Kings: I want eat already ~~

I want picture please ~~

Happy Birthday to you ~


Early 21st Birthday Gift for myself

I get my New Car on October 2013.
My lovely baby : Myvi with Purple color^^
This is the gift to myself for my coming 21st birthday ~~ 

Well, I had been looking for car been few months ago,
Actually not only me, my father help me a lot, firstly we decide for the Perodua Myvi, because that's cheap.
But my father ask me to consider about 2nd hand car, because he said he is going to pay for the car to gift me, and we strive to look here and there, finally that's no one suitable.
One time, my father ask me to look for the car, and we love the price and everything, we are going to deal, but the term & condition on the shop, we feel that's is too adventure, because the used car shop have a very bad cases happened on my uncle, finally they settle under lawyer.

and my Finally, Myvi is our final decide.
Well, I could say Car is my need of my life, I can drive myself to working and never disturbing any person.
Anyway, I should love my car.
Let me show you my Lovely Baby :: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

SEE ~~ It really Lovely ~~
have a sexy mouth and wanna to kiss you ...


My Brother Birthday 07.10.2013

*u* My Brother Birthday Celebration  *u*

Happy Birthday to my Brother ~~~~ God Bless you!!
Is a simply celebration,  we give idea to celebrate at a Japanese Restaurant,
but he decide to go Steak House nearby our home.
That's great too, cause that's your idea.

After having Dinner, we chit-chatting there, there's a lot of smile there.
The last one, we go back home to bring come out the Birthday cake that we had prepared for you.
Any we sing and bless you have a good time and enjoy your Birthday.

yum yum ^^

Dad ... You forgot to wear your shirt =.=

hey Bro!! you're too fast -,-

We pray for him.

Suzanne: have to pick your fruit away before separate the cake

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Be careful Ladies and Gentlemen ~


Today is Monday, I went to work myself same as usual, and have a very busy Morning on my work, and finally lunch time, so I can take a break. Lunch with my Darling and I decide to go Jinjang South to eat. We reach there, have a meal there.

While we are chit chat-ing and eating, I saw a Lady walk in front us to cross the road , I did not bother and continue our meal, and no long after we heard a woman shouting and all the people look on her. I saw 2 Malay guys driving with a motor and rob the Lady who walk in front me just now, and the Lady don't want let go her handbag and she was dragged by the motor a short distance, and finally she let go her handbag. 

When she shouting everyone look on her, and when I am looking on her, she is already dragged and lying on the road by the motor, I can see very clear and well during the rob process! And when she shouting, some men around us were try to chase the robber and some were go there to help up her. I was guess if she shout early a bit , maybe those men will get to caught them and give the 2 robber a very good body massage.

It is so terrible and now I'm so afraid. And I'm thinking how to go working without handbag. Somebody got idea ?